Connector Tube into Library at sunset.

Dedicated to Joanne Sullenger

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Joanne Sullenger, former Director of Development at UM-Flint, was very important to the Thompson Library.

She spearheaded the fundraising campaign that resulted in the building of our new 3-story facility, which opened in October of 1994.

Thanks to her efforts the library was able to finally move out of the 5th floor of CROB (now French Hall) and the Mott Memorial Building after more than 20 years in the “temporary” location.

On August 1st, the Library hosted a small service dedicating a copper sculpture of stargazer lilies (her favorite flower) to the memory of Joanne Sullenger.

Joanne Sullenger1


The sculpture was presented by her daughter Avery Sullenger-Wedder.   Speaking at the dedication were Library Director Bob Houbeck and Provost Gerard Voland.


Sullenger3Ms. Sullenger is known for her dedication and support of the University of Michigan-Flint and her tireless efforts to bring the needs of our campus and our students to donors who have been generous in their support of our library and our campus.




The sculpture will remain on permanent display on the 3rd floor of the library near the entrance in a place of honor on the Circulation Desk.