Most faculty — and even many students — know of the remodeling that is scheduled to take place in the Murchie Science Building (MSB)  this summer.

Not everyone is aware that the construction plans extend to the library.

As the Psychology Department exits MSB and moves to French Hall, it will displace the Writing Center.

The Marian E. Wright Writing Center, in turn, will be moving into the Thompson Library in what promises to be both a logical and effective partnership.

That leads us to the question that has been on everyone’s mind for the past two months;  where have all the books gone?

Stacks Removed Open Floor Space

Our Circulation Department staff have been quickly and efficiently relocating all the books from the main collection, call numbers A – D, from their former location on the second floor of the library to their temporary location on the third floor (upstairs).

Empty ShelvingTo make room for these books, the materials in the Reference Collection and Index/Abstract Collection have been carefully reviewed.

Wherever possible, materials from those collections have been transferred into the Main Collection (hopefully increasing their use as our patrons may now check out those materials which were formerly only available in the library).

Any outdated materials or items now readily available via online access were removed from the collection.

Additionally, materials that have been stored in our library for the Kresge Business Library of Ann Arbor (during their own recent massive reconstruction project) are being returned to Ann Arbor.

And finally, the shelving itself was dismantled and removed within the last few weeks.

Eventually the Main Collection materials will be shifted to use the space currently occupied by the Kresge books, returning the A-D materials temporarily housed on the 3rd floor back to join the rest of the Main Collection materials on the 1st and 2nd floor of the Thompson Library.

Meanwhile, the shelving in the former Government Documents Collection area as well as the reading carrels near the Think Lab have been dismantled and removed as well to make room for the Writing Center offices.

While we’re all enjoying the temporary wide open spaces, not seen in the library since before it opened in 1994, construction on the new Writing Center lab and office spaces will begin soon.

Current estimates place completion of the reconstruction project sometime in the fall of 2013 or early winter of 2014.

Having the Writing Center located physically inside the library will allow Writing Center students fast and easy access to the books, journals and ITS computer lab (with access to all online subscriptions).

It will also provide opportunities for collaboration between Writing Center personnel and librarians in support of research instruction and aid to the students.

The learning potential of the relocation of the Writing Center to the students of our campus is tremendous.

Our librarians and staff eagerly look forward to the Grand Opening of the new, improved Marian E. Wright Writing Center!