Secure-In-Place (Shooter-on-Campus) Exercise Held in Library

For more information about


campus warnings

or to conduct a drill in your facility,

please  contact

Raymond Hall,  Director

Department of Public Safety

University of Michigan-Flint

810 / 762-3335

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As part of the Thompson Library “In Service Training” Day and in cooperation with the Department of Public Safety, we conducted he first ever Flint Campus Secure- n Place safety drill.

Picture2 DPS Director Ray Hall provided all participants with a brief presentation outlining exactly what constituted a Secure In Place  situation and how the campus would receive the warning.


Picture1He itemized what should be done in the case of an active shooter confirmed nearby on Campus (but not inside the building).

Picture6After the presentation, people were divided into groups of observers and participants and began an exercise that was somewhat more realistic than a few of our participants had anticipated.

Picture3Adrenaline ran high, but everyone came away with a greater appreciation of what they could do to protect themselves in the event of a  Secure In Place   situation on our campus.Picture7


Picture5Our librarians are available to speak about their experience as participants of this exercise to any department or group that may have an interest.