Some of the New Databases Available from Thompson Library

For a complete list, see the   —   NEW RESOURCES   —   link on the Frances Willson Thompson Library website.  

New   from  Thompson  Library!

Databases in:

  •  African Writers
  • Engineering
  • International Culture
  • Old English Texts
  • Social Work
  • Statistics (federal)
  • Physical Sciences

         …   and more!


  • ASM Failure Analysis Center —   Over 1000 case histories along with authoritative handbook information on failure mechanisms and analysis methods. The Failure Analysis Center enables you to find specific information to help you quickly solve your own failure analysis or materials performance issues.
  •  ASM Alloy Center   —   Search across ASM property data, performance charts, and processing guidelines for specific metals and alloys. Includes five content areas: Data Sheets & Diagrams, Alloy Finder, Materials Property Database, Coatings Data and Corrosion Data.
  • ASM Micrograph Center  —  Comprehensive collection of micrograph images and associated data. The emphasis of the collection is on micrographs for industrially important alloys. Information captured for each image includes material designation and composition, processing history, service history, metallographic preparation/technique, magnification, significance of the structures shown, selected materials properties data, and other relevant data.
  • CultureGrams   —    Up-to-date cultural information on countries across the globe. It includes four editions: the World Edition (for junior high school and up) and the Kids, States, and Canadian Provinces editions (for upper elementary school students). Includes the following features: images, slideshows, streaming videos, sortable data tables and graphs, interviews with natives from countries around the world, recipes for each country, and more.
  •  ProQuest Statistical Datasets   —   Statistical information produced by U.S. Federal agencies, private companies, and intergovernmental organizations. Create maps and reports on health, crime, population, finance, industry, and marketing. Data is available for the world as a whole or for selected countries. Data for the U.S. are shown by state, often by county, sometimes by census tract and zip code. Time series data may go back several decades.
  • Royal Society Publishing   —   1665-present.     Scientific journals, including seminal works in physical science.