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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

University of Michigan library system (Ann Arbor) contains nearly 14 million volumes while Thompson Library (Flint) holds well over a quarter of a million volumes.

This makes the University of Michigan Library System one of the largest libraries in the United States.

Still, we don’t own everything which has been printed or recorded.

If something is need which our libraries don’t have,   Interlibrary Loan  can get it for you without charge.    Pick it up at Flint’s THOMPSON LIBRARY location, too!

What Interlibrary Loan is not:

  • An index.
  • A database.
  • A book, journal or
  • A media item in any UM library.

Interlibrary Loan is not a thing,  nor a list of books we own or have access to digitally.

What Interlibrary Loan is:   

  • A service to all University of Michigan library patrons which allows them to borrow materials from outside University of Michigan.

All that is needed to order a book, journal article, book chapter or media item is a citation.

(No, you do NOT have to tell us where a book is located.     We’ll find it for you!)

Not to be confused with   GET THIS     (borrowing from within University of Michigan libraries in Flint and Ann Arbor),  Interlibrary Loan is a free service to all UM currently registered students and current employees which allows them to borrow materials not  found in our libraries.

Interlibrary Loan expands our users research capability from using one of the top ten libraries in the United States by size (among the top 5 academic libraries in the USA) to getting nearly any  item you require from anywhere in the world!

This means that Interlibrary Loan service provides information researchers need,  when they need it — even if we don’t own it.

How amazing is that?!!

ILL    (InterLibrary  Loan)   request form can be found on the Thompson Library website located on the left side of our screen (grey column near bottom).

Login is required.

Login uses your university uniqname and umich  (also called Kerberos)  Ann Arbor password.

Don’t remember your Kerberos password?    ITS can help (810/766-6804).   Best to visit the ITS HelpDesk  (Rm 206 MSB on Flint campus) to have them reset your password.

Be sure to take your student/faculty ID card (UMID) to verify identity when working with ITS Helpdesk.  (Security is one of their prime concerns at all times, after all.)

Once you have logged into ILL, select the type of item you wish to acquire (journal article,  book,  etc)  from the list provided.

Fill out the citation on the form and hit the SUBMIT button.    That’s all that is required.

One caveat; before ordering an item using ILL,  check the list of materials in the library using Mirlyn  (online link at library website, left side of screen, top)  to confirm that no copy of the book you want is in UM Libraries.   Use materials we own first.  

If Mirlyn verifies we do not own it,  use ILL to get it.

ILL can also be used to get a journal article for any journal that is not owned by the Thompson Library collection (either in print or in a full text database) — but note that if we own it or own access to it full-text,  you can’t request it from ILL.

You can verify if Flint campus users have access to a specific journal title by checking it using the Journal Finder, which verifies subscription access.  If we don’t have a subscription, you can use ILL to acquire a copy of an article without getting a subscription.

In the case of journals,  ILL will send you a digital copy even if an Ann Arbor library owns it  (journals are non-circulating; since you cannot check out journals from any UM library, not even by using GET THIS, ILL will be happy to obtain a copy for you).

For any journal article Thompson Library can’t supply, request a copy of the article by using the ILL order form.

The article will be available (full text) within one to three working days.

An email to your campus account will notify you when it’s available.   Login to ILL again and find a link to the full-text copy of your article.

After you open the link, you can print a hard copy, save the file to your computer or just read it online.

If you need to request a book via ILL, be sure to order it early.

Books (unlike computer files) must be shipped overland to our library.

It may take from 3 to 5 weeks to arrive after you place your request with ILL office. An email alerts you when to come pick it up.

Interlibrary Loan — another useful and practical service to researchers from your library!