How to Expand 300,000 Volumes into 8 Million with the Click of a Button!

It’s not that uncommon to have students approach the Reference Desk in our library and ask the librarian where Hatcher library is located. Usually when it is pointed out that only the Thompson Library is in Flint they become very depressed; a 60 mile drive just to get a book???

But the librarian can cheer them up instantly. How? A quick explanation of the GET THIS feature does the trick.

Instead of driving to the Ann Arbor campus, just use GET THIS. Login to Mirlyn with uniqname and Kerberos password, then search for a book.

If a book is in a library in Ann Arbor but not in Flint, it can be requested by using GET THIS. (Be sure to select FLINT as the pick-up location from the drop-down box!)

If you are requesting a book from an Ann Arbor library, it will be delivered to Flint the following Monday or Wednesday and available for pickup the next day. Requesting a Flint book? Same procedure! That means any item requested will be on the Hold Shelf in Thompson Library quickly, usually within two days or less.

The benefit to Flint students, faculty and staff? Over the past five years, use of materials from the Ann Arbor campus has increased to upwards of 2,000 books (plus) per year — without having to drive to Ann Arbor.

This expands our access to research materials from the approximately 300,000 books held in Thompson Library to nearly 8 million books available in the various libraries on the Ann Arbor campus — a tremendous boon to researchers!

Does Ann Arbor equally benefit from access to the Flint collection? Surprisingly, yes.

We are a net lender to Ann Arbor. Why? Because our library has a strong basic collection. And since we’re smaller, we order and catalog books much faster than Ann Arbor libraries. We also have a high percentage of unique materials not found in the Ann Arbor collections. In fact, about 44% of our total collection consists of books that are not on the shelves in any of the Ann Arbor libraries, completely unique to Flint campus.

And there’s more; approximately 25 percent of all transactions using GET THIS have been Flint patrons requesting Ann Arbor books. That means that approximately 75 percent have been Ann Arbor researchers requesting books owned by Flint. The benefit is definitely reciprocal.

This can benefit the faculty on the Flint campus in another area as well. Our faculty may request a book from any Ann Arbor campus library and have it placed on RESERVE in the Thompson Library (allowing all students in a given class quick to a book otherwise unavailable).

Want to read a book, but the item is already checked out? Request it using GET THIS and be placed in the queue. When it returns, the book will be placed on the Hold Shelf for you (date of request determines place in queue for a popular book which is in high demand).

Next time you need a book from Flint or Ann Arbor, try using the GET THIS feature. An email notifies you when the book is waiting for you on the Hold Shelf. Come to the library and ask at the Circulation Desk (3rd floor near entrance).


A great new feature; login to Mirlyn to try it soon!