ThinkLab Opens in Library

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The new ThinkLab made it’s debut in Thompson Library on March 5th and has seen daily use ever since.

What is the ThinkLab?

It is a newly outfitted room that will allow student groups the freedom to work on any assignment or project that requires collaborative work utilizing the equipment available in the ThinkLab.

It is a room equipped with the latest technology (thanks to funding of $35,000 from several sources) where student group/collaborative work can be done effectively.

The ThinkLab room is packed with high tech equipment to facilitate group projects, including linked computer/cell phone/display monitors (Mediascape), a SmartBoard (Eno), Skype (real time telecommunications) and A/V recording, a high-def digital projector and multiple surfaces (including an entire wall) of whiteboard writing space.


Mediascape uses “pucks” to link laptops, tablets or phones to the large screen display monitor. The Eno smart board is 3-D capable with it’s HD projector, and gives teams the ability to instantly flip from digital whiteboard to web and back.



It is the result of a collaborative effort by several parties, including Student Government, Thompson Library, Office of the Provost, College of Arts & Sciences, Academic Advising & Career Services, Division of Student Affairs, the Michigan Times and the Office of Student Life.

How to gain access to the new ThinkLab?

Register your group to use the room by accessing the online scheduling calendar from the Thompson Library homepage.

The link to the scheduling calendar is found at the top/right of our website, under

LATEST NEWS —> Reserve the Thompson Library ThinkLab

The link allows you to select a date from the calendar display, then a time (or block of hours).

After the date and time has been selected, use “continue” to then enter your name, the number of people in your group, and their names.

Finally , “Submit” to confirm your scheduled time.

To use the ThinkLab, go to the Thompson Library building and stop at the Circulation Desk (entrance, 3rd floor) to pick up the ThinkLab room key and equipment controls. You will need to have your UMID with you (library card number on reverse of card) to check out the room.

A brief description of the equipment and how to use it will be available soon from the Thompson Library website near the scheduling calendar. (Watch for online updates!)

(See also: M-Times March 5, 2012 article about the new ThinkLab.)

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