LIBRARY PROFILE — Emily Newberry

Emily has spearheaded the design and installation of the new Library “ThinkLab,” and has been instrumental in introducing LibGuides to our Library.

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Our library has been very lucky over the past few decades to benefit from our own UM-Flint campus graduates who went on to obtain a library degree returning to give back to their school by serving as faculty/librarians. Emily is one of our own, graduating from UM-Flint with a degree in both Anthropology and Biology.

Like most librarians, when faced with pursuing a masters degree which would narrow her focus (she had considered forensic anthropology; our very own Dr. BONES!), she discovered her interests were broad and varied, leading her directly to UM Ann Arbor and the School of Information and Library Science.

Today Emily will happily share with you her conviction that UM-Flint campus provides a superior undergrad education to its students (and why!). Returning to our campus has provided Emily with the gratifying experience of working with students who are dedicated to learning and whom she finds to be particularly inquisitive and eager to explore new sources of information.

Emily came to us as an intern while still a graduate student where she also served during the summer months as the sole staff librarian at the UM Biology Station (near White Fish Point in the UP) every summer for 3 years.

For more information on the Biology Station, see:

Emily2Having lived in the Upper Peninsula throughout her childhood before moving to the Swartz Creek area, Emily was delighted at the opportunity to return to the UP and loved her days on the shores of Lake Superior at the Bio Station. She is always willing to share stories and pictures of the station with anyone who is interested!

While still a grad student, Emily spent a brief stint as an intern at the Thompson Library, then upon obtaining her masters degree was hired as a part time librarian here until a full time opening was posted. Emily was selected along with several other applicants to interview for the position. The rest is history.

As do all our librarians, Emily wears many hats. However, she specifically serves as our Social Media librarian. As such, she maintains the library accounts for Twitter, Facebook and our blog, The Upper Shelf.

Many of you have probably noticed that there are numerous instructional videos now available on the library web site. That, too, is Emily (our Camtasia guru)!   Emily believes strongly in multiple access points for information, so you can find those instructional videos on our Facebook page as well.

Not only that, but when visiting the library these days,  you’ll notice several signs posted throughout our building notifying visitors of FourSquare check-in sites (including all of our study rooms).  Emily5FourSq                                                                                                 Emily again!

Those multiple undergraduate subject degrees made Emily a natural for selection as library liaison to the departments of Anthropology and Sociology as well as serving the Genesee Early Collage and Criminal Justice Department, where she assists in collection development (selecting books, media items and other assets for our library holdings).

Emily also provides service to faculty in the form of one-on-one personal assistance for faculty in their research needs AND as a classroom instructor, presenting to students on the tools and methodology of library research and the use of resources provided by the Thompson Library.

Emily3While it doesn’t seem that all that would leave Emily much time, she has an equally rich personal life. She and her husband, Jason Bias (who works at the Genesee District Library) recently purchased a 1940’s home on the Mill Pond in Fenton and are in the process of renovating it. With her own house and a little country property — just perfect for letting her two dogs romp! — Emily is hoping to fulfill her dream of Bee… raising honey bees! She is a terrific source of information about honey, should you be interested.



Emily4Emily and Jason are expecting a new family member to arrive in April.   And of course, the library staff is planning a baby shower.  While they don’t know if it will be a boy or girl, we’re sure that the new baby will spend many wonderful hours being read to by  librarian parents.

Please stop by her office on the 3rd floor of the library soon and say hello to Emily. She’s definitely a great librarian to know!