Connector Tube into Library at sunset.


 Student comment to Reference Librarian:

The library has so many databases full of indexes to journal articles and facts, I don’t know where to start.   I like the “Search by Subject” drop-down box; it helps me narrow down the number of databases I should search for information on my topic, but it’s still too overwhelming.  

“Why can’t you just get a database to search all the databases?”

 The good news?    


SUMMON   is here, and can make your initial search through our library resources fast and easy.


  • SUMMON — It’s simple. It’s fast.   It’s our new default search option.


  • SUMMON is not a new database — it’s a tool that searches through many of our major subscription-based databases.


  • SUMMON — Not only does it search most of our subscription databases all at once,   it also allows you to use common limiters you’re probably already familiar with, such as “scholarly journal/peer reviewed,” or “full text” — even by language  in which an article is published, or by the date of publication.


  • SUMMON — Even better, it provides suggestions for specific database selection, enabling more focused searches (the top databases from which SUMMON located the majority of titles returned as results).   The names of the suggested databases are provided above the results list,  just one clickable link away.


  • SUMMON — Where is it?   It is now the default search mode on our home page. Go to the Thompson Library site and look under “General Search”.   Type your search (index words, please — no sentences) and hit “enter”.


  • SUMMON  — or just click directly under the General Search box to access the advanced search option in SUMMON.


  • SUMMON  —  it will make your library research faster, easier and more productive.



Find the  SUMMON  search box
at the top/center of the
Thompson Library website.