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LibGuides are Coming! LibGuides are Coming!

—   Library to Roll Out New Website Organization Software —



Yes, we’re very excited about the coming of—LibGuides!

What are LibGuides?

Officially it is a subscription-based online service that allows us to organize our resources by subject, including multiple formatting options along with the ability to provide specific lists and commentary.

Doesn’t sound all that exciting, does it?

But it is — or will be when we launch LibGuides for Thompson Library, on or before this fall semester.

What will we be able to do with LibGuides?

LOTS!   More specifically, our current “Search by Subject” drop-down box on the library home page will be replaced by a subject navigation Libguide that will allow users to see and jump to any of the multitude of more specific LibGuides available.

Each of our librarians will have the ability to create a subject-specific “portal” — a gateway to the resources available through our library.

Each subject guide can includes sections listing the recommended data and index databases useful for research within that subject, lists of reference books on the topic or lists of recommended books from our main collection.

Perhaps it would also list blogs or foundations/research facility web sites to expand research beyond our library resources.

Plus our librarians will be able to invite teaching faculty to contribute specific course guides, assignments or syllabi to a specific topic guide as well.

The possibilities are limited only by the imagination!

LibGuides are coming, and they will change forever how our students conduct research!