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Network Outage Update

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Dear Campus Community,   While Merit has continued to work on the FANNET fiber optic network maintenance, our other ISP, 123Net, has arrived on campus with the necessary replacement equipment that failed earlier this morning.   123Net is actively replacing the equipment that failed earlier this morning and Internet services should return to normal soon

ITS System Update

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Dear Campus Community, On September 4th, 2016 at approximately 7:30am, ITS technicians discovered a critical system failure of our primary and backup time servers. These times servers are responsible for syncing all systems to the current date and time, and this failure caused many services to become unusable including: Banner, SIS, Blackboard and the main

Library Network Outage

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Earlier we experienced a network outage in the library that affected network, internet, and phone connectivity.  We were able to quickly trace the problem to an electrical outage in the network closet.  After contacting facilities, they were able to restore power to the closet.  Once the power was restored, we were able to reboot all