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Tech Tip: Flash Drives – Friend or Foe?

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Today’s Tech Tip is brought to you by Brianca Neely, an ITS Helpdesk employee. ——————————————————————————————————- You have traveled to far when your travel drive has failed.  Travel Drives, otherwise known as flash drives, are great to take your papers, pictures, and music on the go; it’s like a sidekick that goes where ever you are.

Tech Tip Tuesday – What is a “Zero-Day” Exploit?

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In recent weeks many of you have probably heard the terms “Zero-Day Exploit” or “Drive-By Downloads” but what do they mean? Let’s talk about drive-by downloads first.  A drive-by download can be one of two things; an authorized download that had unintended or misunderstood consequences, or a download that happens without the users knowledge. The