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Microsoft Vulnerability Reported – .rtf Files

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Microsoft has issued a warning about a very serious security vulnerability involving .rtf files. The virus associated with these .rtf files will create an open portal to your computer allowing a hacker to gain control of your computer. Currently, Microsoft is working on a patch for this vulnerability but is advising users to avoid opening

New U-M Safe Computing video – Dangers of spear phishing

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Increasingly, criminals are targeting universities, including the University of Michigan, trying to get your university passwords (UMICH or Your Flint LAN password) so they can gain access to your accounts, your personal private information, university computing resources, valuable research data, and other sensitive institutional data. Dozens of university members have been victims of these criminal

Tech Tip Tuesday – What is a “Zero-Day” Exploit?

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In recent weeks many of you have probably heard the terms “Zero-Day Exploit” or “Drive-By Downloads” but what do they mean? Let’s talk about drive-by downloads first.  A drive-by download can be one of two things; an authorized download that had unintended or misunderstood consequences, or a download that happens without the users knowledge. The

Zero Day Oracle Java 7 Vulnerability

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Recently a Zero Day vulnerability in the Oracle Java 7 runtime environment was discovered.  Java is a cross platform environment so this will affect Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.  Mobile phones also make use of Java so they could potentially be affected too. University Employees that use Banner should be using Java 6 which

Internet Exporer Critical Vulnerability Announcement with Update

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Campus Community, A critical vulnerability has been discovered in the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browsers.  Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, using Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, & 9 are effected. Microsoft is working on a permanent fix for this exploit however Microsoft has created a patch as an interim measure. ITS is working to

Proofpoint Protection for Email – Implementation TODAY!

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ITS is happy to announce that TODAY at 10:00am we will begin implementing Proofpoint protection for email security.  We anticipate no interruption in email service and for the implementation to be complete by the end of the day. Proofpoint is a new email security solution that will provide better protection from spam/phishing messages and email virus protection

Phishing Email Alert

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Dear Campus Community, It appears that our campus users are again the target of people trying to steal your identity/LAN account based on the email below that many of you have already received. Please remember that ITS, nor ANY reputable organization will EVER ask you for your username and password or any other personally identifiable


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Dear Campus Community, Our campus was the target of a spear phishing attack.  This attack specifically targets the University of Michigan Flint in an attempt to steal user account credentials and gain unauthorized access to university resources and data.  The actual phishing message has been included below. If you did follow the <Click here to