Information Technology Services

As you may have heard, ITS will be discontinuing our FormAssembly service. The developers of FormAssembly have ceased development of their onsite product and have moved to a costly pay-per-user cloud-based platform. 

What this means for you.

  • ITS has already ended new user creation in FormAssembly.
  • New FormAssembly forms creation will end December 1st, 2019, but we strongly recommend using one of the alternative solutions detailed below.
  • ITS will shut down FormAssembly March 1st, 2020.

Preparing for FormAssembly discontinuation

  • Starting immediately, you should begin using one of the solutions below for any new forms / event registrations / surveys.
  • Begin recreating any old forms in FormAssembly that you plan to use in the future, using one of the solutions below.
  • Export any response data in FormAssembly that you would like to keep. You can find documentation for exporting data here:

Moving ForwardYou have several options for collecting data via forms.
Standard FormsGoogle Forms is now our go-to solution for web-based forms. You can do most everything that you could do in FormAssembly in Google Forms including, easy form creation with many question types, email notifications, form collaboration, and much more. You can get started with Google Forms by going here:

Event /Training Registrations
The campus community should be using the ITS developed events system, This robust system allows for event publishing, event registration, paid registrations, discount codes, attendance tracking, and so much more. When an event is created, it will have its own dedicated page, but will also be displayed within your department’s event listing, and the main UM-Flint event listings.
Surveys and Data Collection Requiring Analysis
Qualtrics is a very powerful tool used for creating and distribution online surveys, data storage and analysis. The Office of Research supports Qualtrics on our campus. You can find more information about using Qualtrics, here:

If you have questions or concerns regarding this transition, would like additional information about any of the solutions provided, or would like to ask questions about specific forms, please fill out the following form and you will be contacted shortly: