Information Technology Services

Following the lead of UM Information Assurance, the UM-Flint campus will be ending support for Windows 7 on December 31st, 2019.   ITS is now in the process of upgrading all university owned computers to Windows 10. Currently, we have identified over 500 devices on campus that are still running Windows 7 and must be upgraded.  In this group of 500+ devices, we have also identified a number of devices that are no longer under warranty and/or are at the end of their usable life. These end-of-life devices will need to be replaced or removed from the network.

If you are not sure if your current desktop or laptop is under warranty you can use this link to check:   

ITS has created a list of Windows 7 computers on campus and will be reaching out to departments to discuss upgrading or replacing them.  We have also obtained bulk pricing for replacement computers so please contact Ken Heiser or Jason Gooding (810-762-3123) for more information.  As a reminder, ITS only supports university-owned devices for 2 years past the end of the original warranty support date. Related information can be found here: 

For users that would like further assistance and training with Google Shared Drives for backing up your data, please use this link for a list of drop-in training sessions: 

If you would like to schedule one-on-one training please contact Dennese Bandyk for available times.

For more information on the Windows 7 End of Life process please follow these links:

As always, if you have questions regarding Google services, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 810-762-3123 Option #1.