Information Technology Services

Google has decided to rename “Team Drives” to “Shared Drives”. This will not affect functionality; it is only a name change. In the Google Drive web app, in the left side panel, “Team Drives” will become “Shared drives”. The names of the drives and their content should not change.

File paths of content linked from Drive File Stream—like shortcuts, scripts, etc.—will need to be updated to “shared drives” as soon as possible after May 31, 2019, to avoid broken paths. For example:

  • D:\Team Drives\ITS\Meeting Notes

Will need to be changed to…

  • D:\Shared Drives\ITS\Meeting Notes

According to Google, this change rolled out to iOS on May 21, to Android on May 28, to Drive File Stream on May 31, and to the web app on June 3. Google states that feature visibility will take 1-3 days.

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