Information Technology Services

Google Search Appliance

The ITS Web group has released an updated search for the main website. The updated search is powered by a physical Google Search Appliance that resides on campus. The search appliance utilizes the same technology that powers‘s search results.  By using this technology, we can offer our users the best experience and results to their queries.

The updated search has many new features and a cleaner interface for searching. New features include:

  • Collection Based Results – Users can now select what sources they would like to search/view results from. Currently these sources include: the main websiteUM-Flint NOW news site, Course Catalog, Staff/Faculty directory, ITS Helpdesk, and our network of blogs.
  • Search Tools – Similar to tools available when doing a Google search, users can now change how results are ordered and select a timeframe to view results from.
  • Document Previews – Users are now provided with a document preview within their search results.  Supported file formats are: Microsoft Excel, Word, and Adobe PDFs. To activate the document preview, hover over the “Magnifying Glass” to the left of the document title.
  • Faculty/Staff Directory – The improved Faculty/Staff directory now queries M-Community. By querying M-Community we are able to provide more frequently updated information in addition to greater detail.
  • Related Searches – Just like a normal Google search, we now offer Related Search terms for ease of use to end users.

At this point, we welcome you to check out the new UM-Flint search at:

We are hoping this update helps provide a better search experience to our visitors. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact our Web Services team or the Helpdesk.