Information Technology Services

It has come to our attention that there is a phishing email going out to many users on campus that appears to come from trusted sources within our University. These emails begin with the subject “John has just sent you a document.” Although it appears these emails are coming from legitimate University of Michigan sources, they are, in reality, coming from compromised University of Michigan email addresses. Our spam filters automatically allow anything from University of Michigan or University of Michigan – Flint email addresses, so these compromised University of Michigan accounts are able to get past the spam filter.

If you follow the link in these emails, you are asked to log into a web page where your credentials will be stolen. If you have followed the link and put in your credentials, change your password IMMEDIATELY. If you receive the email and just delete it, you should have no problems with your account.

We thank you for your assistance with this matter and apologize for the trouble it may cause.