Information Technology Services

With the Fall 2015 semester well underway, ITS would like to share a few tips and reminders to help the student body have a successful term.


General ITS Lab Usage Reminders:

  • When using lab computers, please do not save _any_ of your work to the desktop. Save all of your documents to your H:\ drive. If you are unsure how to do this, please ask a helpdesk technician for assistance. The lab computers will remove locally saved files after 30 minutes. To ensure this does not happen to your final papers, please save them to your H:\ drive!
  • Please be respectful of your neighbors and keep conversations soft-spoken. If you have a phone call, please step into the hallway, as cellphone use is not allowed in the lab.


ITS Lab Printing Tips:

  • Please do not print documents directly from Blackboard, as doing so will most likely result in a failed print job. If you are printing a document posted to Blackboard, please save the file to your H:\ drive first, then open that file from the H:\ drive. This will ensure there are no server related issues associated with printing from Blackboard.
  • If your document doesn’t print while at the printer, before leaving, check to make sure the printer isn’t asking for additional resources. To do this, simply log out and then look at the upper left of the panel. If you see “Jobs require additional resources” your print job needs your attention before it will release.
  • To get your document to print when resources are required:
    • Log in to the printer.
    • Press the Job Status
    • Tap on the Active Jobs
    • Tap on the print job associated with your Uniqname.
    • Tap on Print on Alternate Paper.


BlackBoard Tips:

  • ITS & the Office of Extended Learning strongly encourage the use of Mozilla FireFox with BlackBoard. Due to past instability issues with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome’s abandoning key elements that enable Java to function, we recommend Mozilla FireFox for the best BlackBoard experience.
  • Please remember that if you need help with any assignment, forum post or test item, please contact your Instructor before reaching out to the Office of Extended Learning. OEL is not able to assist with course work items without Instructor permission.
  • If you are taking a test in BlackBoard and only the first question is appearing, please exit out of the test and contact your Instructor for another attempt and follow up with OEL. Ensure you are using Mozilla FireFox. This is a common issue seen with Internet Explorer.


Can’t Login to a Resource:

  • If you find you are unable to login to a resource, you might need your UMICH password instead of your LAN password. Usually you can tell if the site is maintained by Ann Arbor if the web address contains “” The Ann Arbor campus maintains some resources used here at the University of Michigan-Flint, so if you are unable to access something, it could be the password.
  • To setup your UMICH password, please see
  • Some common items you’ll need your UMICH password for are:
    • Accessing Library Resources (Mirlyn)
    • PEERRS Certification (
    • Wolverine Access


Remember, if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact us at 810.762.3123 option 1 or by email at You can also stop by one of our campus locations. We’re always happy to help!