Information Technology Services

As the Winter semester has gotten into full swing, we’d like to take this time to remind new students who are having trouble logging into PEERRS or MyLINC of steps we have created to help get access to those resources.

Be sure to double check that you are signing in with your UMICH password.

The UMICH Password is *NOT* the same password you use to access BlackBoard, UMFlint email or SIS.

To Change/Create a UMICH Password Through SIS:

– Login to SIS (, click Personal Information.
– Click My Campus Computer Account.
– Click Change Ann Arbor (UMICH password) Password.
– Click Create Temporary Password.
– This can take a couple of minutes to process.
– Write down the password provided including all special characters at the beginning or end of the password.
– Click Ann Arbor’s Password Change Page.
– At the prompt enter your uniqname and current UMICH password (the new one that you just generated) and then click the Log In
– Click the link Change Your UMICH Password.
– In the Current Password field, enter your current UMICH password (the one you created and wrote down).
– In the New Password field, enter a new password.
– Retype the new password in the Retype New Password field
– Click Submit. If you enter an acceptable new password the same twice, the password will be changed.
– Once you have successfully changed your password, you will be asked leave a hint to help you remember your password and to select a challenge option. Enter your hint, your challenge question and answer then click Save and Continue.
– After you have successfully completed this, click Logout.

Still can’t log in after using your UMICH password?

Email with the following information:
– That you are a UM-Flint Student
– Your UMID number
– Your Uniqname
– What you are trying to access