Information Technology Services

New Papercut Multifunction Print Stations

ITS is proud to announce that we will be implementing Multifunction Print Stations as part of the Papercut service. Installation of these stations will begin on Friday August 22nd and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the day on Tuesday August 26th.

If you have used the 206 MSB lab this summer, you may already have experience with the test model installed there, pictured below.


Print in Black & White or Color from a single printer

Previously, students had to print to either a color printer or a black & white printer.  With the new Multifunction Print Stations, a single printer is capable of printing with either document type. Users will still need to select whether they are printing to the color or black & white portions of the device from the application they are using, but will be able to visit a single printer for both prints.

Card Swipe Login

With the new print stations, users now have the option of either logging in to their accounts manually or simply swiping their Mcard. The first time a given Mcard is swiped, the station may request the user to log in using their LAN credentials to associate the card.


Copying & Scanning

The print station includes two methods for scanning. The first method is simply placing the pages you wish to scan face down in the scanner portion of the print station, and selecting the scan function from the station.

The second method allows a user to insert a stack of pages into the tray shown below. This method supports double-sided scanning as well as scanning of a larger quantity of documents rapidly.


These print stations provide two options for scanned documents. Copying (with the option to select the number of copies desired), and scan to email. For security reasons, all scans to email must be emailed to the user performing the scan. When copying, the print station will default to assuming the document is black & white, however this mode can be changed simply via the touch interface to color. Please be aware that copying in color mode will charge your account the same as printing color copies. The print stations also support reducing or enlarging the size of scanned documents prior to print, as well as conversion between single and double sided scanned documents and printed documents.

Please be aware that once installed these new printers will be using the Fall 2014 print allotment.

If you have any questions regarding these new printers, or if you require any assistance using this new system, please contact the ITS Helpdesk by phone at 810-762-3123 opt. 1 or by email at