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Today’s Did You Know? post is brought to you by Chad Baunoch, an ITS Helpdesk employee.

University of Michigan-Flint H: Drive

Every UM-Flint faculty, staff, or student has access to their own personal storage on their computer account. The H: drive is maintained by the University of Michigan-Flint ITS.  ITS provides shadow copies of the folder for access to previous versions of data if you have lost data due corruption or accidental deletion. Shadow copies are done M-F at 7am and noon. (For more information on Shadow Copies please visit )


On Campus H: Drive Access (University desktops on campus)

  • The H: drive can be accessed on campus by clicking the start orb in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  • Once this is done, select Computer from the right side bar in the start menu.
  • After clicking the computer button in the start menu, a window will appear.
  • To access your H: drive, double click on the icon under the Network Location section that reads your uniqname(\homedrivehome)(H:).


Off Campus H: Drive Access (Any personal computer when used on or off campus)

To access you H: drive when off campus you will need internet access and a web browser. The preferred web browsers to access any university resources are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Once a web browser has been opened, in the address bar at the top of the page, type in
  • Once the page has loaded a login screen will appear asking for your username and password.
    • In the username field type in your uniqname.
    • In the password field type in your LAN password.
  • After typing both of these pieces of information, click the Sign In button.


  • On the VPN homepage click the option that says H: Drive.
    • At this point, you are now located in your H: drive using the vpn. Using the Download, Upload Files, Delete, and New Folder buttons at the top of the page you can view, change, add or delete all files stored in your H: drive.


Are you interested in more information?

For more information on accessing your H: Drive or the VPN please visit the Helpdesk website.