Information Technology Services

As everyone is preparing to return for another Fall semester or you are new to campus here at UM-Flint, there are some changes that we here in ITS would like to share with you.  First of all, we have updated 3174 WSW.  We have increased not only the physical size of the lab including a new “Wireless Lounge”, but we have also increased the amount of computers available for use.  New chairs were purchased and a small office created for the ITS Helpdesk staff.  We are hoping this remodeled space will be more conducive to learning and for group projects for students.

Another change is for the printing system for students.  Starting in the Fall 2012 semester, Papercut credits will increase from 320 per semester to 400 credits per semester for registered students.  In addition to the increase, any unused credits at the end of the semester will rollover to the next semester.  At the end of the summer term, all accumulated credits will reset to zero.  For a more detailed explanation of the rollover process please visit

If you get a chance, check out the new projectors and A/V systems in the Michigan Rooms.  Our MCS Team worked closely with Event & Building Services to upgrade the space widely used by campus.  This new equipment will allow for a multitude of options when utilizing this remodeled space.  Please take the time to check it out and let us know what you think.

Ken Heiser
Information Technology Services