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My First Experience in the U.S. : Menusha

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Hello again! If you read my previous entry (If you didn’t, read it now), I said that I was born and raised in Malaysia. Which means this is my first time being in the United States. Wait, no, this is my second time being in the United States but it is my first time in

About Me: Xianrong Lu

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I came from China, and was born in a tourism city—Guilin, it’s famous because of its beautiful natural sightseeing. My major at UM-Flint is Arts Administration, I already got my bachelor’s degree in Economics, I like Economics, for it enables people to find out the intrinsic logic of our social life and society. But my

About Me: Jameel

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Hello! My name is Jameel Amoudi and I am a senior student pursuing my bachelor degree in health science-premed at the University of Michigan-Flint. I am set to graduate in the fall of 2014. I come from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a city known to be very multicultural with diverse people from all over the world.

About Me: Menusha

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“Nama saya Menusha Arumugam. Apa khabar?” Can any of you may be able to guess what this line says? Translated from Malay, it says “My name is Menusha Arumugam. How are you?”. Malay is the national language of my home country, Malaysia. Since this is my first ever blog post as an International Ambassador, I

About Me: Ayana

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I still remember those shivering moments of an eighteen year old girl walking down the lanes in the airport, biding goodbye to her parents. It was not only the evening of 24th August, 2011 when I flew from India but also the day I took a step forward to fulfill my dream to be a

About Me: Nubwa

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My name is Nubwa Gadzama, I am an international student from Nigeria. I am also a junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Communications.   I love it here at the University of Michigan-Flint (UM-Flint). There are many opportunities here on this campus to get involved. When I came here, I joined different organizations and