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More Than A Day of Expression: Menusha

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Martin Luther King, Jr. is a prominent figure in the world of Civil Rights Movement and he successfully protested racial discrimination in federal and state law. Every year, his birthday is observed on the third Monday of January. After some research on this American federal holiday, I found out that President Ronald Reagan initially signed

Black History Month: Nubwa

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The month of February is a busy month. There are so many activities, such as Grammy’s, and holidays, such as Presidents’ Day. But what makes February an important month especially in America is that it is Black History Month. Black History Month is important because it is America’s way of committing and respecting the history

Ice Skating Downtown: Lu

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I always have faith that our University is getting better and better since more and more good things have been happening. And the re-opening of the Ice Rink at the UM-Flint Pavilion was one of the most exciting ones! Especially for international students who came from the countries that located at lower altitudes, and most of

Music and Mud: Menusha

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When the halls of the residence hall start to get quieter and when the school parking lot starts looking empty – homesickness will slowly creep in. To escape this emptiness on campus, Zena and I decided to hit the road and travel. Our ultimate goal is to hike the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. (It took

Intercultural Leadership Seminar: Nubwa

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Intercultural Leadership Seminar (ILS) was life changing, it was by far the best seminar that I ever attended. I made good lasting friendships with people I never thought I would. It empowered me to be a leader on campus. It showed and taught me so much about different cultures and how accepting of others is