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Rice and Beans by Nubwa

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I love Nigerian Food, especially love Nigerian rice dishes. There are three popular rice dishes in Nigeria, one is called fried rice, the other is jellof rice and the last one is called rice and beans. It is impossible to go a Nigerian wedding without either one, if not all, being severed. I have never

The Mystery of Roanoke: Emilia

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Because of Thanksgiving, which is coming up tomorrow, I thought I would talk about the meaning of Thanksgiving and why it is important. However, I decided to tackle a puzzle that has intrigued me since I first read about it in the third grade; a mystery that ha baffled the modern world since August 18,

Sugar Skulls: Menusha

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Although many people call it the Mexican version of Halloween, there are many unique customs that make the Day of the Dead different from Halloween. This is not my first time being in the U.S. during Halloween but this is definitely my first time actually being actively involved in it. One of our international student

Three is Better Than One: Nubwa

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One of the funniest things that happens to me on a day to day basis is walking around campus and people mistaking me for one of my sisters. Or when I go to a store people starting a conversation with me because they think your Japari or Asinda. I have two wonderful and beautiful older