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The month of February is a busy month. There are so many activities, such as Grammy’s, and holidays, such as Presidents’ Day. But what makes February an important month especially in America is that it is Black History Month. Black History Month is important because it is America’s way of committing and respecting the history of freedom, equality of Black people in America.

Celebrating Black History Month is celebrating the past heroes of African descent in America and it is also an opportunity to educate oneself about the study of black life and history. Being a foreigner, I wasn’t taught much about Black Studies because of the history of my country. But when I came to America, I experienced what the definition of and reason why Black History needs to be taught and showcased. It gave me to learn more about powerful influential black people such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, George Washington Carver, Oprah Winfrey, Angela Davis, Maya Angelou.

Below I have highlighted a few of my favorite black activities and figures.


Oprah Winfrey has lived the American Dream, overcoming hardship and diversity to become one of the largest media figures.


One of the foremost figures of the Civil Right Movement, Maya Angelou was a true visionary writer and performer.


Harriet Tubman, perhaps one of the most amazing and inspirational figures, led many slaves through the underground railroad.


Many remember Rosa Parks simply as a woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus lead the way for civil rights leaders to seek equality.