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Intercultural Leadership Seminar (ILS) was life changing, it was by far the best seminar that I ever attended. I made good lasting friendships with people I never thought I would. It empowered me to be a leader on campus. It showed and taught me so much about different cultures and how accepting of others is very important. Most of all ILS was fun!


I do not want to give any spoilers BUT, there were so many fun group and individual activities that we did. The activities were by far the most fun for me. Before we would go for a session we would sometimes play card games or play soccer. It was so fun interacting with people that were from different ethnic backgrounds, countries and cultures.

The food was really nice and tasty. I liked the fact that it was kosher and healthy, I know for sure that week, I ate really good.


After the sessions we would gather in one of the rooms and just talk and not sleep. It was fun because we were socializing with each other and this continued on even after the week of the Seminar ended.


At the end of the day, ILS empowered me and I made everlasting friends that I know will last! I urge you all to apply and attend ILS. It’s a great time of laughter and long lasting experience.