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I always have faith that our University is getting better and better since more and more good things have been happening. And the re-opening of the Ice Rink at the UM-Flint Pavilion was one of the most exciting ones! Especially for international students who came from the countries that located at lower altitudes, and most of them haven’t seen snow  their whole life until they came to study at UM-Flint. Snow and cold could be both intriguing and intimidating to them. However, the ice-skating added so much fun for the winter life in Flint. It is a sport with joys, a very relax socializing option and also a good place for any new ice skater to start at considerably low cost.

The grand re-opening ceremony was on Jan. 2nd, the very second day of the New Year 2016. Although it is still in the break between two semesters, I saw many familiar faces shown at the event. The ice skates are free for students and public to rent. With a goal that do not fall too many times and try to keep all falls as graceful as possible, I started my first ice skating adventure.


The ice skates were harder than I anticipated for safety and protecting the ankles, and once I was standing on the ice rink, it was much, much, colder than I thought. So my first couple of steps were only for the purpose that moving can keep myself warm.  When I finally realized that both of my legs were out of the control of my brain with a pair of ice skates on them while standing on the ice, I started to observe how other people do to slide so gracefully and lightly on ice like butterflies. I try to imitate their movements, which were to lean the body forward, move steps slightly outward one by one, left, right, left and right, and then, OUCH! The first fall, and there were more to come. That’s truly “no pain no gain”. As the experience of falling down building up, my sense of balance got improved as well. And when I decided to take off the shoes and called it a day, I can well slide a little bit already, good progress for me and I will try to improve more at the next time.

Skating1 Skating2

Though it was fun and exciting, I feel good to be back on ground that was not that cold in my boots. We were told that we can have a free hot coco or coffee in the Pavilion, and that’s exactly you want to drink after an energy consuming activity like this. Friends, fun workout, hot cocoa, what a perfect day it was! It’s been weeks after the grand re-opening, the ice rink will keep opening and free to students and public. People can bring their own ice skates but it only costs you $3 to rent. I saw people skating, laughing and having fun on the ice, it’s like beautiful pictures and I believe those will be great memories for them in the winter.