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Ice Skating Downtown: Lu

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I always have faith that our University is getting better and better since more and more good things have been happening. And the re-opening of the Ice Rink at the UM-Flint Pavilion was one of the most exciting ones! Especially for international students who came from the countries that located at lower altitudes, and most of

Music and Mud: Menusha

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When the halls of the residence hall start to get quieter and when the school parking lot starts looking empty – homesickness will slowly creep in. To escape this emptiness on campus, Zena and I decided to hit the road and travel. Our ultimate goal is to hike the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. (It took

Intercultural Leadership Seminar: Nubwa

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Intercultural Leadership Seminar (ILS) was life changing, it was by far the best seminar that I ever attended. I made good lasting friendships with people I never thought I would. It empowered me to be a leader on campus. It showed and taught me so much about different cultures and how accepting of others is