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My First Thanksgiving: Lu

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There is the lovely house in the suburb area of Flint, with farmland all around. This is where the warm and hospitable family that hosted me for Thanksgiving lives. When my Chinese friends and I spent Thanksgiving with Tim and his family, I felt as though I was actually in the Harry Potter world and welcomed

Michigan Snowstorm: Jameel

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If you love snow boarding, skiing, snowmobile, and any other sport that is related to snow, Michigan is the right state for you. For me, it has been really interesting to live in Michigan because you get to experience all four seasons. Coming from Saudi Arabia, where I am used to the heat, it is still hard

Venison or Turkey : Menusha

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Venison or Turkey TURKEYS. Thanks to American movies and books, a large deliciously roasted turkey comes to my mind when I think of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Malaysia, and, until I witnessed the large piles of frozen turkeys in Walmart for myself, I never knew that turkeys were a big thing during Thanksgiving.

From Fall to Winter: Nubwa

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One of my favorite seasons is the fall season or also called autumn. During the fall semester the leaves change color mixing with other leaves creating this unique orange and red mixture. I like looking at the leaves and trees because I live off campus and it is nice walk to school from my house