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Finding Success in Graduate School: A Physician Assistant Student’s Path to Achievement

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Hannah Richard

Embarking on the path to becoming a physician assistant is a significant journey filled with challenges, growth, and invaluable experiences. In a recent podcast episode of Victors in Grad School, host Dr. Christopher Lewis had a compelling conversation with graduating physician assistant student Hannah Richard. The dialogue delved deep into Hannah’s personal journey, from her

Graduate School Success Strategies: Lessons in Femtoring

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Embarking on the journey of graduate school can be a transformative experience, especially for first-generation students of color. In a recent episode of Victors in Grad School, Dr. Christopher Lewis engages with Dr. Miroslava Chavez-Garcia and Dr. Yvette Martinez-Vu, coauthors of “Is Grad School For Me,” to delve into their personal narratives and invaluable advice

Tips for Success in Graduate School and Resources to Explore: Insights from Samara Hough

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Entering graduate school is a significant decision that often requires careful planning, finding the right resources, and making the necessary adjustments for success. In a recent episode of “Victors in Grad School,” hosted by Dr. Christopher Lewis, the conversation with Samara Hough, the director of the Center for Gender and Sexuality at the University of

Shifting Goals and Helping Others: The Power of a Nonlinear Journey with Shelly McFarlane

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On this episode of Victors in Grad School, host Christopher Lewis sits down with Shelly McFarlane, a criminal defense attorney who shares her journey from undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan Flint to law school at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. Throughout the episode, Shelley reflects on the importance of flexibility and finding