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I first started out at the University of Idaho where I obtained my Bachelors in Exercise Science and Health Sciences with a Minor in Psychology. I was deciding between three doctorate programs and found myself choosing the University of Michigan’s program here in Flint. I was excited to move closer to home (I am from Cleveland, Ohio).

What first got my attention was that this program was a doctorate and I always knew I wanted to
get my Doctorate. Being able to have the highest education in the field was important to me as I
wanted to be able to compete in the work field, gain the tools necessary to be a top level OT, go
into research, and possibly come back to teach. I walked into the first semester with an open
mindset and ready to start my journey of becoming an OT.
There are 31 students that are in my cohort. I can say we have all accomplished so much in the
short 7 months we have been in classes. I really felt that we grew as a family and I found some
very close friendships this year. I live on campus in Riverfront housing and I appreciate the
location because I get to walk to class everyday.
The first semester was a welcoming and baseline semester where we took Kinesiology,
Anatomy, Theory, and Intro to OT. I fell in love with Anatomy and enjoyed being able to apply
what I was learning to OT. In undergrad I did not have an Anatomy class tailored to what I
wanted to do. Some days were overwhelming, but there were plenty of resources that were
available to help master the information. Between the four classes I did usually feel like I was
always busy. From projects to studying I was on the go this first semester.
I started my second semester, which is our pediatric semester. I was not very interested in
pediatrics, but I have to say over the course of the semester I was able to shift my interest to
being open to pediatrics. We had a Neuro Rehabilitation OT and an Inpatient OT come in and
speak to us and I was intrigued by how the OT can change lives. Neuro Rehabilitation is an
area that I am very interested in. Our courses are a Developmental Course Across the Lifespan,
Assessments and Interventions, Conditions and Occupations, Culture, Applied Neuro, and a
Level 1 Fieldwork.
All of our classes have been interesting because we are finally getting into what an OT does. I
have learned SOAP notes, I have gone on site visits and had to do a write-up on performance
skills, we are learning interventions, and we are able to actually utilize OT assessments. Our
Thursday lab has children ages 3-5 years old come up to our new Pediatric Lab and we get to
create our own activities to analyze developmental milestones. Through this experience you get
to learn what a neurotypical child is capable of and so when working with children that show
delay you are able to have a baseline, which I find very helpful.
I really have felt that we have learned so much this semester because we had so many
opportunities to go into the community and learn. I have had Monday Fieldwork where I have
shadowed OT’s in an out-patient facility. I also had to prepare ADL activities for children in
EDCD on my other Monday’s and analyze how they perform bilateral movement.
The University itself has so many opportunities to get involved if that be intramural sports,
activity classes at the Recreation Center, Murder Mystery Dinners, and much more. I have
found this school puts on a lot of events that make you feel part of a community. Our cohort
goes to the Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays and then goes to CrossFit on Thursdays. You can
find us at Cafe Rhema when we have free time to study or catch up. This is a very welcoming
environment on this campus.
Overall, I was very pleased with the hands-on experience that you get thrown into right away.
This program really wants you to learn through experience because in this field that is how we
learn best. We are just in our first year and already have experience administering
assessments. From Anatomy to Conditions I feel prepared to enter my upcoming semesters. I
love being a Wolverine.