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It has now been four weeks since the University of Michigan-Flint made the decision to transition all of our courses to remote coursework. While this sudden change proposed challenges and opportunities for faculty and students alike, we asked some of our Graduate Student Ambassadors how they are handling their newfound remote learning environment. 

The change to remote courses has greatly affected me, in terms of my schooling. It has completely disrupted my schedule but even then, I am very fortunate, as I am healthy, and my heart goes out to everyone that this affects, especially those with the virus. This has definitely been a time of great confusion and anxiety for me, but I have quickly adapted, and I am ready to do my part in all of this. I am very happy to still be able to attend school and I am very privileged for the opportunity. However, I am so ready to get back to normalcy. All of my professors as well as the entire OTD program have been amazing and have done such a wonderful job transitioning from in-class to remote teaching. I am so proud to be taught by such smart and wonderful people. I could not ask to be in a better program because there is not. I am so lucky to be here. 

Online learning is not as fun as in class, but we are managing well. I believe our professors have made it so this transition does not impede our learning. Thankfully, our labs may be pushed until we can all be there and be present however, there was not much that needed to be done in person as we got most of our lab work done while we were there at school. I am confident we will do everything we need to do when we get back to school, hopefully sooner rather than later. 

Erick Sustaita is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy student from Flint.