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by Himanandini Mohanty, MS in Computer Science & Information Systems student. Learn more about Riverfront Housing for graduate students by clicking here

  1. What drew you to live on campus?

I am a graduate student studying computer information systems and am currently residing at Riverfront Residence Hall at UM-Flint. The residence halls are located in the downtown area which offers many events throughout the year. The area is filled with restaurants serving a variety of cuisines like Japanese, Mexican, American etc. The hotspot for majority of students is Café Rhema which serves variants of coffee or espresso drinks. They have an interesting menu and also, they tap into the student population by providing lavish study area where students can relax, sip their favorite coffee and spend some quality time working on projects.

The most exciting part to living on campus is that the residence halls are very accessible to the classrooms, parking spots are nearby, the close proximity of the Flint Farmer’s Market helps students buy a variety of fresh produce and the Recreation Center is close enough for students to work out on their daily fitness regimen. The most important part is that the residence halls are very secure as the Department of Public Safety work 24/7 to ensure students are safe and the campus is free from any criminal activity. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication towards the university. The residence halls are labelled as “tobacco free” locations. I just cannot ask for more, looking at the advantages of staying in a residence hall.

  1. What do you like about living on campus?

Living on campus is truly a wonderful experience. The halls provide 24/7 fitness facility, computer lab, printer services, and a theater where students can watch their favorite movies. They also provide game rooms which have a variety of games like ping pong, air hockey, pool, and video games. The study rooms are equipped with white boards, spacious sitting arrangement and also a quiet space to help students attain academic excellence. There are also additional amenities like vending machines, laundry area, ATM machine and a snack bar.

In case of any emergency, the university ensures that the safety procedures are carried out in a timely fashion. The university also puts effort in providing safe water by frequently conducting water testing. Needless to say, the residence hall offers 24/7 front desk assistance to help address student concerns. You already feel that you are in good hands. The learning phase comes when you start living with roommates. One learns to make minor adjustments, manage conflicts, work out plans to live peacefully, respect privacy, and make your space more comfortable to live. It’s a small world in itself.

If anyone is an avid investor in the stock market like me then the Riverfront Residence hall also has the School of Management which flashes stock price listings 24/7. The halls are also equipped with kitchen and storage facilities. Our housing staff ensures that students are provided with mineral water cartoons and also some small sample goodies to try like sunglasses, deodorants, hair gels, torch lights and moisturizes.

  1. What has been your most treasured memory while living on campus?

The most treasured memory for me while living on campus was to be able to work for the community and also to experience cultural diversity. I am happy to serve the front desk at the residence halls @UM-Flint. I learned to organize things and keep them in proper order. Most importantly, I have become more systematic in my approach towards doing things. I believe every time I work at the front desk I face new challenges. Most people come with different concerns and I feel I am in-charge to deal with them. I have learned to respect my time and also the time of my colleagues by reaching the desk on time. This has impacted the way I reach on time to attend my classes as well.

Living on campus enables me to experience cultural diversity. This has helped me to interact with people from different ethnic backgrounds and come to a common understanding to facilitate co-operation. I got a chance to learn about different cultures and to accept and respect their differences. By embracing diversity, I have become more adaptable being able to gather a large variety of viewpoints and accordingly offer feasible solutions to any student related concerns.

  1. What advice do you have for future graduate residents?

The most important aspect of a university education is to enhance all-round development and to help students gain their career goals. You are exposed to a whole new world of opportunities and one of the best periods of your life where you are out of your comfort zones. You are on your own exploring the beauty of a student life.

My advice to all future graduate residents would be to try to grab all possible opportunities and enhance the learning experience the university housing offers you, staring from attaining networking skills to working as a team in order to enhance leadership abilities. One should also strive to keep their own space and surrounding area clean, tidy and hygienic. Students also need to work on dedicating a few hours each day to fare well in academics. Overall development is also crucial as one learns to manage time and improve on moral, creative and social skills.

Learn more about Riverfront Housing for graduate students by clicking here