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My experience at University of Michigan-Flint (U of M-Flint) has been great over the past 3 years. I received my undergraduate degree (bachelor of nursing) here in April of 2015.  I applied for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program immediately, was accepted and started this program in August of 2015 full-time. I am in my 2nd year here and I am happy to say that both the undergraduate and the doctorate program are both great online programs.

The online program is flexible; there is typically only 1 campus visit per semester. The campus visit dates are announced well in advance so students are able to make arrangements to be able to attend.  The online courses are well structured with a lot of the same topics being discussed simultaneously in the different classes for greater comprehension.  The courses and materials include current information; multiple textbooks and reputable resources are used for a wide array of information.

The professors are always willing to help and truly care about their student’s success. They are very experienced in the field of nursing, many of them working as primary care providers and teaching in the DNP program. They are able to relate to the vigorous study as they have been in the same position while receiving their DNP. Each student dedicated to the doctorate program will receive equal dedication from the professors in achieving their goals. They are compassionate and caring of every student’s individual learning experience.Ronda Dickenson for web

University of Michigan-Flint is a highly recognized university.  Students from around the world attend online courses.  This huge diversity allows many different experiences and cultures to interact and become familiar with each other.  There are also many opportunities to study abroad to work with different cultures first hand.  Attending U of M-Flint has been an awesome eye opening experience and I would highly recommend others to do the same.

Ronda Dickinson BSN, RN

DNP 7 Cohort

University of Michigan-Flint