How-To Guides

It’s no shame to admit you need a little extra know-how on a specific topic; we all have our strengths and challenges.

Here are basic how-to explanations on several topics:

How to write a press release, press release example

Media tips

Tips for good photos

How to use a digital camera

How to upload photos to Flickr

How to use a flash drive to share or transfer files

How to use a Flip video camera

How to edit video with Windows Live Movie Maker

How to sign up for Vimeo (video site)

How to create a PowerPoint presentation

How to borrow books from the Discovering PLACE lending library

How to build a raised garden bed (note: Peter McCreedy, ecology director for The Chatfield School in Lapeer, recommends using untreated pine lumber and rebuilding the beds every few years instead of risking growing veggies in raised beds made of chemically treated wood. Cedar, which is pricier, is another option.)