A common theme throuhout the first 13 chapters,  is the poor conditions and lack of resources of the public schools. This article is from earlier this year, and gives good details reguaging  the struggles in the public school system in New York and other states. Who should be held accountable for letting our children fall through the cracks? What role do social workers  play in all of this?  Please take a moment and view the link.


In chapter 4, Ariella explains her feelings towards how other parents displine thier children by saying:

“although she said she hated to see other parents striking their own children, “I was scared I might do it too, and would really hurt him because, no matter what I said to him, or how many times I said it, I realized that I couldn’t hold him back.”

Excerpt From: Kozol, Jonathan. “Fire in the Ashes.” Crown Publishers, 2012-08-28. iBooks.
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My question is, could the use of spanking have changed the course of Silvio’s negative behavior? When Ariella thought the knock on the door was Silvio returing from being out all night, she said “I’m going to give him the beating of his life” but of course it was too late.

In chapter one, Jonathan Kozol talks about working with a social worker to help get a clearer picture of what was going on inside of the Martinique Hotel. After Kozol wrote a book about the horrible conditions, his findings were broadcasted on a popular TV show Nightline.

What immediately came to mind was what Kozol, who is not a social worker was able to accomplish from his efforts in bringing attention to the subpar conditions. In this case, Kozol used advocacy journalism to expose the Martinique Hotel.  Being a social work student myself, this really spoke to me. I am sure that everyone who worked with a family housed in the Martinique did their best to relocate clients to better housing. However, this informs me  that social workers should  always be on the cutting edge of advocacy. In todays social media driven society, it is not difficult to get information out to a large number of people. Getting the right information to the right people is the key aspect in inducing change. It has been over 25 years since the initial story was released and still, media is a powerful tool in distributing information.