“Plumbing imagery was being used in speaking of ‘a back-up’ in the homeless population, which had caused ‘the overflow’ to spill into the old hotels around Times Square. ‘They already know the place to put their sewage,’ Alice noted cuttingly. ‘They haven’t decided where to put their homeless people. But I promise you it won’t be anyplace where they will have to see us every morning.'” (p.110)

Many teenagers that end up homeless do so because A) they have no choice. They don’t have parents or loved ones that can take care of them, or they don’t have parents or loved ones that want to take care of them. Or, B) they have seen people get mistreated by “the system” and they don’t want to risk ending up like them. Pride comes into play and they get into an impossible place with no good outcomes- ¬†they don’t want ¬†handouts or charity but they also want to survive.


I am an Art History major, Spanish minor, super-Senior at U of M-Flint. Fall 2014 will (fingers-crossed) be my last semester as an undergrad. I am hoping to continue my education to pursue becoming an Art History college professor. This includes about another bajillion years of college, give or take. It's a good thing I am a huge art history nerd and can't get enough of college. For the non-academic side of me, I have a part-time job working at a county health plan and I am also heavily involved at my church running the computer, teaching Christian Ed, and toilet scrubber. I love every bit of how busy I am and, frankly, wouldn't know what to do if I had an hour of free time.

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