Giving blueday graphic

A Student’s Perspective on Giving Blueday

CAS Student Ambassador Fernando Ramirez-Medina shares how he is getting involved with Giving Blueday, which takes place on March 10.

So what is Giving Blueday?

In essence, it’s a day that creates new opportunities for students. Supporters of UM-Flint will come together on March 10 by making contributions to initiatives and resources across the campus. Each fund may have slightly different goals or methods in how it supports students, but every gift ensures that UM-Flint remains a vibrant place to study and grow. March 10 will be a great day for us to come together to make great things happen for UM-Flint, as the university has set a big goal of raising $1 million during Giving Blueday this year!

The CAS Opportunity Fund

The focus of Giving Blueday for the College of Arts & Sciences is the CAS Endowed Opportunity Fund. The CAS Opportunity Fund has helped make amazing things possible for students, like archaeological digs in Ireland, language immersion programs in Mexico, and ecological studies of the Flint River. These are fantastic opportunities for students to test themselves and express some creativity while also learning and becoming further involved in their majors.

The Opportunity Fund helped Art students create a pop-up t-shirt shop in Flint. Here, recent graduate Stephanie Streeter applies vinyl decals for the “Change Machine,” the name of the shop.

Student Government

Thanks to my involvement with Student Government, I am responsible for spreading awareness of the Student Government Fund for Giving Blueday. While the money will be used differently by SG as compared to the CAS Opportunity Fund, the goal is the same. To positively impact students on our campus. Supporting Student Government in this initiative has been challenging, but I am excited to see the difference we will make thanks to these resources.

Student Government has remained very active throughout the pandemic – here we are holding a meeting via Zoom.

How to get involved

I urge everyone to make a gift on Giving Blueday (March 10), if they are able to do so. Even just a dollar can make the difference in a student’s experience and the opportunities they can take advantage of. With that being said, COVID-19 has taken its toll on all of us, even financially and emotionally. If you’re not in a position to donate this year, another great way to show your support is to spread the word! Post on social media, tell your friends, anyone who will listen. Your contribution, whether it be financial or otherwise, will be the difference-maker for students.