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8 resources for UM-Flint CAS students in Winter 2021

CAS Student Ambassador Fernando Ramirez-Medina shares the top 8 resources he thinks UM-Flint College of Arts & Sciences students should take advantage of in the Winter 2021 semester. To ask Fernando a question, email UMFlintCAS@umich.edu and include “Student Ambassador Question” in the subject line.

8. Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Whether it be help with battling Zoom fatigue or counseling to address other mental health concerns, The CAPS office provides services to enrolled students that help to maximize their academic and personal potential. The office offers free screenings, referrals, and crisis services to all enrolled students at UM-Flint. As someone who has used their services, I will say it’s a great resource for a stressful semester. 

7. Marian E. Wright Writing Center

For when you’re struggling to get started on your paper, or when you just want another set of eyes to help you spot errors, The Writing Center is a great resource with great writing tutors! These dedicated tutors help you come up with ideas, offer constructive feedback and help fix the little grammar mistakes we all have from time-to-time.

6. Center for Gender & Sexuality (CGS)

The Center for Gender & Sexuality not only offers education and programs like bystander intervention to the UM-Flint community, but they also offer Critical Difference Grants, which are “one-time financial awards for returning students who find themselves in an emergency financial situation that imperils their ability to remain enrolled at the UM-Flint.” Follow the link to determine eligibility for the CGS Emergency Funding Grant, CGS Women+ Critical Difference Grant, and the Mary Jo Sekelsky LGBTQ+ Grant.

5. Student Organizations are still active

Student orgs are still up and active! I encourage everyone to join an organization to get even just a little bit of human interaction that I, even as an introvert, am really craving during the pandemic. Moreover, organizations like Student Government can help get issues that students have to the right people to hopefully fix them! The Student Government’s most recent push for students was advocating for the Pass/Fail Grading modification that recently was enacted!

4. Career Advisor Myesha Cannon

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It is truly never to early (or too late) to start planning and preparing for your career. From general advice to your industry-specific plan, CAS Career Advisor Myesha Cannon is here to help. There are 14 career advising events scheduled this semester. These events range from an Introduction to Handshake, UM-Flint’s career search portal, to resume and cover letter design. Check out the full list here.

3. Emergency Laptop Loan Program

With the pandemic impacting everyone differently, the university wanted to make sure every student in the UM-Flint community had access to technology in order to continue advancing their education. This program loans registered students a laptop for up to one semester, so if you or a student you know needs a computer, spread the word!

2. Tutoring/Supplemental Instruction

UM-Flint offers two modes of additional instruction outside of the classroom: Individual tutoring and supplemental instruction. Supplemental Instruction are weekly review sessions with other students that make that class just a little easier! If groups aren’t your thing, you can also receive one-on-one instruction. Explore more with the Student Success Center.

1. Your Academic Advisor

Your CAS academic advisor is perhaps the best resource on campus to ensure you graduate on time. Believe me, I’ve met a lot with my advisor to make sure I’m on target. Moreover, it is especially important to meet with your advisor if you are considering Pass/Fail for the Winter 2021 semester to see how it can impact your degree and if it is a good idea for you to do so. So meet with your advisor! Even if you’ve already decided which classes are right for you, it’s always smart to get a second opinion. Set an appointment with your advisor here.