COM 399 Students Present “The Passion of the City” on December 8th

Students of Dr. Danielle De La Mare’s COM 399 class have been exploring the topic of Communication, Culture, & Place this semester. As a culminating event, on December 8th, 2014, from 5:30-8:15pm, the students will present “Passion of the City” in UM-Flint’s KIVA.


Throughout their semester, the class mission has been to explore “how place is central to our lives, from our hometowns to the places we live, work, and play. In this writing intensive course, students will explore what it means to be from a place: how it shapes identities, experiences, and habits of communication. They will also learn the ways contemporary culture prevents us from fully connecting to place, the various consequences this disconnect has for communities and individuals, and communication strategies one may use to connect to place in meaningful ways.”

The course carries a Civic Engagement designation and students worked with a chosen organization for at least 10 hours over the fall semester. Towards the end of class, they took a bus tour of Flint which included stops at each of the students’ chosen organizations and a discussion by those students about the organization, its mission, the people served by it–and how they are all situated within Flint.

These experiences will all come together in presentations on December 8th. All members of the campus and community are welcome to attend Passion of the City to hear about what students have learned throughout their time in COM 399. Audience participation is encouraged!

To learn more, contact the Department of Communication and Visual Arts at 810.766.6679 or emailing