Welcome to Dr. Jeremiah Olson, Assistant Professor of Political Science!

olsonName: Dr. Jeremiah Olson
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Political Science

Classes I’m teaching: Political Environment of Public Administration, Administrative Organizations and Behavior

Professional Interests/Activities:
American Political Science Association, Southern Political Science Association

Research Interests: Criminal Justice Policy, Prisons, Race and Ethnicity, Mental Health Care, Organizational Theory, Drug Policy

Degree(s)/Education: PhD, Political Science, University of Kentucky, Masters of Public Administration, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Bachelors of Political Science, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Dr. Olson’s dissertation focused on the relationship between race and treatment in American prisons. His main areas of interest are organizational behavior, decision making, and criminal justice policy.

Memberships: American Political Science Association, Southern Political Science Association

How I fell in love with my field: I used to work in law enforcement. I thought it would be better to study criminal justice policy than to be part of it.

What I hope for my time at UM-Flint: I hope to have a positive impact on students and to make strong connections with the community.

Three things you should know about me:
• I am prejudiced against farmers’ markets
• My niece is smarter than your niece.
• Kentucky won a national championship in basketball when I was there. I proctored an exam for one of the players. I’m basically the reason they won.