Biology Department to Host Cell-ebration, December 5th

CELL-ebration logo copyOn December 5, 2014, nearly 200 Biology students from a variety of courses will meet and present their works to one another at the department’s Cell-ebration.

More experienced students from the BIO 326, 467, and 477 courses will be creating conference-type research posters and giving oral presentations, while DEEP program students from the Utica, Lapeer, and Livingston sites will be creating learning activities to highlight a cellular process. The event will be held in the White Building’s Atrium and Tuscola Room.

There will be two sessions:

A morning session from 9-11am and an afternoon session from noon-2pm. An additional 35 high school students from New Lothrup will attend the afternoon session.

The experience at the Cell-ebration will benefit the undergraduate students by giving them experience in preparing and presenting in a conference environment. While the DEEP students will learn a little about academic and campus life at UM-Flint while enriching their knowledge through creating presentations.

For more information, visit the Biology Department website or contact Jill Slater at