UM-Flint Math Students Compete in Year’s First Competition

MathHorzOn Saturday, November 1st, students from the UM-Flint Mathematics Department will gather on campus to compete in the Michigan Autumn Take Home (or M.A.T.H.) Challenge. Over 83 teams from 25-30 undergraduate universities and colleges in numerous states participate in the annual event. The competition, in its 20th year, is organized by Alma College.

According to Mathematics professor Dr. Ricardo Alfaro, “The competition consists of providing solutions to 10 problems. You work in groups of 3 people and have a 3-hour limit to develop and write the solutions. Each team stays at its institution’s campus.” Following are examples from the 2013 competition:

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.20.09 PM

The competition starts at 9:30 a.m. Once the competition period is up, solutions are sent to outside institutions where faculty members will grade them. The problems are complex, with the winners usually receiving only 50-60 points. UM-Flint is going on 15 years of participation in the event, and generally has more teams than the other institutions. their highest placing was third.

The 2014 participating institutions are: Albion College, Alma College, Anderson University, Aquinas College, Butler University, Calvin College, Central Michigan University, Colgate University, Connecticut College, DePauw University, Diablo Valley College, Ferris State University, Hillsdale College, Hope College, Illinois College, Illinois Wesleyan University, Kalamazoo College, Lawrence Tech, Macomb Community College, Madonna University, Manchester University, McDaniel College, Northern Michigan University, Northwest Missouri, Olivet College, Palm Beach Atlantic University, St. Norbert College, SVSU, Taylor University, UM-Flint, and Wheaton College. Hope College has, by far, the most teams in the competition with 17 teams entered!

The University of Michigan-Flint is looking for one more student to complete the six teams registered for the competition. The six entered teams are as follows:

Team Gauss: Matthew Sutter, Ayana Gosh, Brendt Gerics

Team Euler:  Aingeal Miller, Dallas Woodward, Josh Csapo

Team Galois:  Bayarjavkhlan Batbaatar, Enkhtur Narantungalag, Usukhbayar Enkhjargal

Team Noether: Daniela Goetz, Rebecca Robinson, Michael Berlinger

Team Poincare: Patrick Ross,  Shawil Daoud,

Team Riemann:  Jin Sakuna, Daniel Bloink, Ethan Bush

For more information on the MATH Challenge, visit their website.


November 3, 2014 update: Following are photos from our teams at the 2014 MATh Challenge:

IMG_3776_online IMG_3779_online IMG_3780_online IMG_3773_online IMG_3774_online