Welcome to Stephanie Gelderloos, Lecturer III in English!

Gelderloos2 Name: Stephanie Gelderloos
Title: Lecturer III
Department: English

Classes I’m teaching: English 100 College Reading and Study Skills, English 109 College Writing Workshop and English 112 Critical Reading and Writing

Professional Interests/Activities: I am interested in any program or strategy that works to increase the success rates and retention rates of at-risk students. In coordination with other faculty, I helped design and implement a supplemental instruction program at a community college. I also helped to create two bridge programs for at risk high school students to help them transfer into college with a more solid foundation in reading and writing skills. I am looking forward to working with Emily Feuerherm on a bridge program for international students here at UM-Flint.

Stephanie spent a year studying abroad in the Netherlands where she learned to speak Dutch and Frisian. She also interned at the Frisian Academy working on the first comprehensive Frisian-English dictionary!

Research Interests: I am interested in finding new ways to improve the success and retention rates of at-risk and minority students. I am also interested in the efficacy of supplemental instruction programs in improving student success.

Degree(s)/Education: M.A. of English Linguistics from Eastern Michigan University

How I fell in love with my field: I fell in love with my field while watching students realize their potential. I fell in love with my field while attending graduation commencements and seeing students graduate who never really thought they even belonged in college. I fell in love with my field when I realized that the success of my students was my own success.

What I hope for my time at UM-Flint: I hope to continue to improve my skills as an instructor and mentor for my students. I hope to help students here realize their dreams, and through them, have a positive effect on Flint and the surrounding area.

Three things you should know about me:
• I am a tireless advocate for my students.
• I am from Detroit, and I love my city!
• I love to travel and learn to speak new languages. I speak Dutch and Spanish and some Frisian, and I have a good basic knowledge of French that I am working on improving.