Welcome to Dr. Matthew Fhaner, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry!


Name: Matthew Fhaner
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Classes I’m teaching: CHM 366: Analytical Chemistry and CHM 367: Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Professional Interests/Activities: Chemistry outreach

Research Interests: Food Chemistry (edible oil decomposition), Material Science (characteriation of surface chemistry), Neurosignaling (electrochemical monitoring of neurotransmitter release)

Dr. Fhaner recently spent 10 months in a post-doctoral position with the United States Department of Agriculture working on omega-three rich fatty acids.

Awards: American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Council of Graduate Students Leadership Award

Degree(s)/Education: B.A. – Chemistry, Michigan State University; Ph.D. – Analytical Chemistry, Michigan State University

Memberships: American Chemical Society

How I fell in love with my field: Researching cardiovascular disease during my graduate work

What I hope for my time at UM-Flint: Expand my professional expertise through academics and collaborative research

Three things you should know about me:
-I have a wonderful wife and two fantastic children
-I enjoy cooking
-I am a huge hockey fan

To learn more about Dr. Fhaner and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, visit the department website.