An Introduction

Dear UM-Flint College of Arts & Sciences and Campus Community:

I am very pleased and honored to introduce myself as the new Communications and Content Specialist for CAS. My name is Amy Hartwig, I am a 2013 graduate of UM-Flint, a passionate supporter of the local community, an advocate for liberal arts education, and a proud new member of this institution.

My goals for the upcoming months include meeting members of each department, learning about what makes them great, and working with them to share their stories with the UM-Flint campus and the world beyond. I hope to promote the departments, individual faculty and students, and the College of Arts and Sciences as a whole while creating a testament to the value and power of a liberal arts education.

In my mind, UM-Flint is an organization with everything to be proud of: enthusiastic, dedicated, and brilliant faculty; a brand with worldwide recognition; a place in a culturally rich and diverse community; and a student body that comes to us with a desire to learn. 

As both a student and a staff member, I have been impressed by the breadth and depth of talent present in our teaching staff and in the quality of programs offered to our students and community by the University. From individual research projects to campus-wide initiatives, I want to discover the stories that will both inspire and engage our current students and attract new ones.

If you have a story to tell, please contact me. People want to know what you’re researching, what you’re writing, what your students are doing, and what you’re excited about in your professional life! They want to hear about new course offerings and innovations within programs! They want to know the stories of the College of Arts and Sciences… and I want to help you tell them.

Amy Hartwig
Communications Specialist
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Michigan-Flint
Tel: 810.237.6537