All Student Presentations Winter 2012 Have Been Completed Successfully!

Tues., March 20:  4-5:15 350 French Hall
Sandy Alberto, “The Role of Music and Musicians in Auschwitz”  [Mark Vukelich]

Tues., March 27: 4-5:15 350 French Hall
Sheila Jones, “Adolescent Girls in Auschwitz” [Tim Parker]
Don Beardslee, “Playing with Fire: The Boys in Kinderblock 66 in Buchenwald” [Clemus Johnson]

Thurs., March 29: 4-5:15 350 French Hall
Tim Parker, “Exploring Social Fraternity in Auschwitz” [Sheila Jones]
Richard Perez, “Labor and Annihilation in Mittelbau-Dora” [Jared Emmerling]

Tues., April 3: 4-5:15 350 French Hall
Tyeisha Cox, “Medical Experimentation in Auschwitz-Birkenau” [Ken Waltzer]
JoAnn Zak, “Shattering the Crematoria: Sonderkommando Revolt in Auschwitz-Birkenau” [Emily Cowen]

Thurs., April 5: 4-5:15 350 French Hall
Janet Kenney, “Young Women in Belsen” [Margo Kincaid]
Emily Cowen, “Female Resistance in Ravensbruck and Belsen” [JoAnn Zak]

Thurs. Eve, April 5: 7-8:15 213 Thompson Library
Nick Kenney, “American Liberators at Dachau” [Brookelyn Walters]
Margo Kincaid, “Ghetto to Camp: Young Women of Warsaw in the Nazi Camps” [Janet Kenney]

Tues., April 10: 4-5:15 350 French Hall
Brookelyn Walters, “Faith in Dire Circumstances: Spiritual Experience in Extremity” [Nick Kenney, Tyeisha Cox]
Jared Emmerling, “Jewish Forced Labor in the Gross Rosen System: Funfteichen & Dyherfurth” [Richard Perez]

Thurs., April 12: 4-5:15 350 French Hall
Mark Vukelich, “Art, Music, Theater in the Camps” [Sandy Alberto]
Clemus Johnson, “Lodz Boys in Auschwitz-Birkenau and in Buchenwald” [Don Beardslee]

About Ken Waltzer

Ken Waltzer grew up in New York City and attended Harpur College of the State University of New York and Harvard University as a Graduate Prize Fellow. He has helped build James Madison College, Michigan State University's highly reputed residential college in public affairs and currently serves as director of Jewish Studies at MSU. In 2011-2012, he is the Winegarden Visiting Professor at UM-Flint.
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