First Writing Assignment-HIS 393/SSC599

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Winegarden Visiting Professor – HIS 393/SSC 599

First Writing Assignment HIS 393/SSC 599
The Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive is located at UM-Dearborn and has been put together over a generation by Professor Sidney Bolkosky, a national leader in developing Holocaust testimonies. You can access the interviews at
I would like you to read two of the following four survivors’ accounts, and write a brief two page paper exploring how the experiences detailed in these testimonies or in at least one of them fits with, contradicts, or is in tension with the generalizations you are reading in Wolfgang Sofsky, The Order of Terror: The Nazi Concentration Camp. The testimonies you should choose from are by:
Paul Molnar
Abraham Pasternak
Agi Rubin
Shari Weiss
Due in class Tues., Jan. 17, typed, either single or double spaced….

In writing your brief paper, you should give the reader a sense of the survivors’ experiences, where and when, you should test their experiences and observations against what Wolfgang Sofsky claims in The Order of Terror, and you should then offer a judgment, on balance, about whether this testimony/these testimonies fit with and support Sofsky or not. Why or why not?

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Ken Waltzer grew up in New York City and attended Harpur College of the State University of New York and Harvard University as a Graduate Prize Fellow. He has helped build James Madison College, Michigan State University's highly reputed residential college in public affairs and currently serves as director of Jewish Studies at MSU. In 2011-2012, he is the Winegarden Visiting Professor at UM-Flint.
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